Tammy Moody – Instructor

Photo by Heather Christenson

Tammy has been training dogs for more than 30 years, getting her start in competitive obedience. She has been doing agility for 24 years and teaching it for almost 20

Tammy believes agility should be fun and challenging for all members of the team without being overwhelming or frustrating. She likes to break things down into manageable pieces for both dog and handler while building teams up. She chooses to empower teams so they can be confident with their skills and understanding of what is being asked of them. Tammy’s experience allows her to read both handler and dog and she uses this ability to push teams just enough to encourage them to leave their comfort zones but doesn’t overface them.  She believes that teams should enjoy the process. If either the dog or the handler is not enjoying the game, she finds ways to make changes to ensure progress is happening through joy.

Her personal handling style does not always match that of her students. She is a dog trainer first and makes sure her dogs are trained to the level that will be expected on course. She prefers to use trained skills, verbals, and some physical cues to navigate sequences. She feels the more a dog understands what is being asked, the easier handling becomes. Tammy trains dogs and humans using positive, reward-based methods.

Tammy’s background as a Veterinary Technician and a Small Animal Massage Practitioner allows her to see when problems on course may be due to physical limitations and not necessarily training issues.

When not teaching others or training her own dogs, Tammy can be found enjoying the outdoors with her dogs in beautiful Central Oregon. Besides hiking and paddling, Tammy can be found baking treats for others, gardening, reading, recording podcasts with her pal Penny, photographing her adventures, and spending time with family and friends.