Online Classes

When training a stopped dogwalk, Tammy strives for an independent end-behavior, forward drive over the obstacle, lateral handling distance, sendaways, and strong verbal release cues. If you have to manage your dog’s performance on the contact, you are not free to handle the course in the manner you wish. An independent dogwalk behavior gives you control of your movements on course and allows the dog to feel confident and in control of his choices, which in turn creates faster, more fluid performances.

By dissecting the dogwalk performance into small pieces, Tammy has been able to develop a method that makes sense not only to her students but also to their dogs! There are no props or targets used in her methods to teach the stopped end-behavior except for the board itself—so no luring, physical manipulation, or fading is used.

The program includes homework that you can do at home away from the equipment, and help teams not only feel successful but also feel like they are making progress.

Note: Although the class focuses on the dogwalk, the behaviors and exercises transfer to the A-frame if you also want to do a stopped A-frame. The teeter has different criteria so this class will not help with teeter training.

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